Roofing Repair in Salinas, CA

repairing the roof

If your roof is damaged, it’s an invitation for wind, water and heat to make everything worse. The elements will quickly take advantage of a damaged roof and your building is sure to pay the price. To help save you frustration and money, and to protect your building to its fullest, Monterey Bay Roofing, Inc. is pleased to offer a full scope of roofing repair services.

Our repair capabilities span the gamut of roofing types and materials, allowing us to deliver excellence to all of our customers. We’re even on hand for emergency roof repair in Salinas, CA!

Take a look at some of our specialties:

shake roof repair

Shake Repair

Shake is a beautiful roofing material, but one that can succumb to UV rays and moisture if not appropriately cared for. Let us keep your shake looking its best by providing routine repairs and maintenance. We’re your local experts for shake roof repair in Salinas, CA!

flat foam roof repair

Flat Roofing Repair

Drainage can be a major issue for flat roofing, which is why our experts take pride in providing thorough, encompassing repairs to flat roofs. We’ll protect your building from pooling water and ensure the stability of your flat roof.

asphalt shingle repair

Asphalt Shingle Repair

From missing shingles to curled patches, those that have lost their texture to areas that have dehydrated and cracked, we’re adept at identifying shingle damages and correcting them to keep your roof in top functional condition.

asphalt shingle repair

Rubber Roofing Repair

From missing pieces to cracked sections, deteriorated rubber to improper drainage, we can provide all types of rubber roofing repairs, designed to keep your roof in near-perfect condition.

asphalt shingle repair

Plastic Roofing Repair

Cracked or deteriorated plastic roofing isn’t protecting your home, which means it needs to be resolved right away! We’ll replace it to extend the life of your roof and can treat your materials to prevent organic growth or exhaustive sun damage.

If you need roofing repairs, no matter the extent or the material, know that Monterey Bay Roofing, Inc. is here to assist you. We’re even available for emergency roofing repairs, to keep your home or business safe against the elements and unforeseen situations. And, know that when you call us you’re getting top quality repairs—we use brands like Landmark, Certkey and Malarkey to ensure resilience and sustainability.
Get in touch with us today by calling 831-901-4810 and we’ll help you get the roofing services you need, when you need them, delivered by one of our highly qualified experts.